Jim Henson Biography

 So after two five hour long plane rides, between grading papers and mapping out my lectures, I was able to finish “Jim Henson: The Biography” by Brian Jay Jones. It’s probably no surprise that because of Jones I have just joined the Biographers International Organization (BIO, cute, right?).

I thought I knew who Henson was and what he was about. I’m really glad that I was wrong because this book was a really entertaining view into the life of one hell of a creative artist. I wasn’t lying in the tweet I sent to Jones, telling him that the ending had me tearing up. 

I’m not one to criticize the works of others, especially at this caliber and on this level, so all I will say is that I would like to have known more about…nope, I can’t do it, the book was a gem. What impresses me most is the trust Jones was granted by the Henson children in the form of their father’s private journal. For a guy who wrote speeches for a living before putting out a Washington Irving biography, there was a huge amount of respect bestowed upon him. He delivered. 

Now, it’s off to learn about the Wrights and that damnable flying machine of theirs.  


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